Monday, July 16, 2012

Oh hey website, you're still here!

I've been woefully neglectful of this website for far too long. Perhaps even more than this website, but I'm here to change all that.
I've been focusing on Imaginary Friend Press. For those who might be unfamiliar IFP is a small chapbook press I started way back in the yesteryear. It has been a big 2012 though. The catalog has more than doubled, I've started learning how to network better, and in general it seems to be picking up steam. Also, you can like IFP on facebook here. Please do. It creates a sense of validation that I've done a good thing by sacrificing a good portion of my kitchen table.
As far as my own writing: I have been writing, but I have not been sending out. Watch out editors. There's going to be a massive influx of my poems hitting you soon. I've also got a few readings on the schedule. If you happen to be in Milwaukee on August 2nd I'll be at Boswell; if you're in Lexington, KY August 29th I'll be reading at Holler Poetry Series. Perhaps I'll have even more news soon. Check back! I'll be better about this, I swear.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Post AWP Coma

This year's AWP has concluded in typical glorious fashion. I managed to push Imaginary Friend Press titles into many new hands, got some new exposure, and realized I need business cards. I brought home twenty two new books to read - highlights include: Martha Collins's White Papers, Patty Paine's The Sounding Machine, Laura Yes Yes's How To Sleep With a White Boy in Ten Easy Steps, and Gary Jackson's Missing You, Metropolis.
Before AWP, I heard the great news that Emerge Literary Journal chose two poems for their second issue. I will be gracing the same space as my dear friend, Anthony Frame. As always, I will hope for more good news soon, but until winning the lottery I will go to work.